Posted 13 days ago
How to order doughnuts during lockdown (save this post!) Ordering doughnuts now is the same as we’ve done for the past year! This new lockdown hasn’t changed that for us. Ordering has been 100% contactless and online — 🍩 🍩 to place your order 😋 Because of the size of our tiny shop, we would only be able to serve one person at a time + would have line ups around the block. So instead, we’ve opted to do curbside pickup only since March 2020. You can preorder doughnuts on our website at and pick up the next day! We recently started offering local delivery to Windsor, Tecumseh, and Lasalle as well, and we’ll even write a note inside the box if you’re sending it as a gift 🎁 ✅ safely get doughnuts ✅ stay comfy in your car or home ✅ support local 🥰 win-win-win PS: Orders are open for Friday (pickup or delivery) until 9 pm tonight! 🍩 🍩 to place your order 😋 📸 photo credit: @itshaleymai @haleymaiphoto


April 22-24 Pre-Orders Phone Call Location
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